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Table 1 Summary of TRPV2 function and related disease

From: Physiological significance of TRPV2 as a mechanosensor, thermosensor and lipid sensor

Organ Cells Function Related disease
Brain Neuron, astrocyte Synaptic and glial transmission Depression
DRG Neuron Nociception Pain
Heart Myocyte Myocardial conduction Cardiac hypertrophy
Pancreas β-Cells Insulin secretion Diabetes
Intestine Myenteric neuron Intestinal motility Irritable bowel syndrome
Spleen Macrophage, mast cell, lymphocyte Immune response Immunodeficiency
Urinary bladder Epithelial cell Sensing stretch Bladder cancer
Prostate Epithelial cell LPC receptor Prostate cancer
Bone Osteoclast Calcium oscillation Cancer
Muscle Skeletal and cardiac muscle cells Sensing stretch Muscular dystrophy
Blood vessel Smooth muscle, endothelial cell Blood pressure control Cardiomyopathy