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Table 1 Statistical and percentage analysis of differences between experimental groups depending on duration of ASA treatment as well as duration of diabetes with respect to glycogen content in the heart. Legend as in Fig. 1

From: High dose of aspirin moderates diabetes-induced changes of heart glycogen/glucose metabolism in rats

Serum glucose concentration
Ratio p < % ratio p < % ratio p < %
CA2:CA7 n.s. −0.8 D2:D7 n.s. −2.8 DA2:DA7 n.s. −6.2
CA2:CA14 n.s. 7.1 D2:D14 n.s. −4.2 DA2:DA14 n.s. −4.1
CA7:CA14 n.s. 6.2 D7:D14 n.s. −1.4 DA7:DA14 n.s. 2.2