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Fig. 1

From: Gene structures, biochemical characterization and distribution of rat melatonin receptors

Fig. 1Fig. 1

Structural analysis of rat melatonin receptor nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences. cDNA sequences and deduced amino acid sequences of rat MT1 (a) and MT2 (b). The polyadenylation signals are underlined, and the polyadenylation sites are boxed. Shaded regions are transmembrane domains. We registered these two sequences as accession numbers AB377274 for rat MT1 and AB377275 for rat MT2. Alignments of the deduced rat MT1 (c) and MT2 (d) protein amino acid sequences with mouse and human counterparts. Identical amino acids are outlined. Solid lines and arrows indicate transmembrane domains and potential N-glycosylation sites, respectively. Genbank accession numbers referred are as follows: rat MT1 (rMT1), AB377274; mouse MT1 (mMT1), NM_008639; human MT1 (hMT1), NM_005958; rat MT2 (rMT2), AB377275; mouse MT2 (mMT2), AB377276; human MT1 (hMT2), NM_005959

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